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We read together, "As You Like It," Burke's "Speech on Conciliation with America," and Macaulay's "Life of Samuel Johnson.". There are things for which you must work to obtain. Example sentences with the word start. Sentences Menu. Then we will all go down together and Maria can get acquainted with her while you are measured for a dress. Would you kindly help me? I don't know why you guys don't go out to dinner more. "I know what you mean," she said," but wouldn't all this have come up eventually?". So, first of all…”, Well, speaking of the specifics of – when you have to provide an overview of a particular issue or a process, this is the English sentence starter to use: “So, can you tell us how you built your blog, Robby?” – “WELL, SPEAKING OF THE SPECIFICS OF my blog, let me start with describing the actual platform it’s built on…”, Well, the best way to describe… would be the following – another useful English sentence starter phrase for situations when you have to describe something specific: “Can you tell us how to get to the airport, please?” – “WELL, THE BEST WAY TO DESCRIBE the road to the airport WOULD BE THE FOLLOWING – keep driving straight and then you’re going to see a highway exit sign…”, As you may already know – this is how you start talking about known facts that your conversation partner is most likely familiar with: “Henry, why is our accountant demanding that we keep the stock levels as low as possible?” – “Well, AS YOU MAY ALREADY NOW, the new company regulation came into effect today, according to which…”, Well, not everyone knows that – and this is how you open a statement during which you’re going to reveal some little known information: “I wonder how Michael could build his business in such a short period of time?” – “WELL, NOT EVERYONE KNOWS THAT he inherited a considerable amount of money and that’s why…”, NEW! Oh, and we were whispering so you knew we were talking, but you didn't know what we were saying. The idea that you shouldn't begin a sentence with a conjunction is one of those "rules" that really isn't — along with some others you've probably heard, like "never split an infinitive" and "don't end a sentence with a preposition." But if you could trust him this way and there was no electricity, would it still be love? I'll be leaving early tomorrow morning to relieve Carmen, so I'll drop you off at Katie's. he asked. For example – being meticulous and attentive to detail is a strength, but if you’re being too pedantic, it can slow you down sometimes which is actually your weakness! Now, speaking of your comment, the first thing that I have to say is that once you’re quite happy with your fluency, don’t try to push it! Do you have one? Dulce watches you and tries to find things you do wrong. It’s just a simple matter of enabling yourself to START a sentence, and once the words start flowing, there’s no stopping them! Pingback: Is English Difficult Or Easy To Learn? – “I HAPPENED TO HAVE done this work in this way.” Are you guys ready to eat and go outside? Any particular scenario with some example. He danced with you that often and didn't tell you his name? Member Info. You led me to believe we needed money... and you left me. You have to stay in here, but Mommy will hug you. "I thought I remembered you telling me that," he said, sitting down on the bed. Just as an aside, there are no rules saying "You can't start an English sentence with insert word". There’s no denying that – another perfect phrase to use when you want to express your opinion that might be somewhat different from the other person’s opinion: “THERE’S NO DENYING THAT the crime rates have dropped this year, but if you look into the statistics, you’ll realize that the figures have been heavily massaged.”, Actually, I’m fully aware of the fact that – this English sentence starter can be used in conversations when you have to stress the fact that you’re familiar with a particular fact or situation: “Why did you leave Jimmy at the workstation on his own? You can start a sentence with 'and' or 'but' (i.e., a coordinating conjunction) but many still consider this a nonconformist style. Well, have been looking for something like this. Who are you? Obviously, you can’t start using all 35 English sentence starters within a matter of days, but even if you manage to learn and use 5 of them, you’re going to notice a definite increase of your oral fluency! Why You Shouldn’t Start a Sentence with Any of These 10 Phrases Catherine Holecko Updated: Jul. "I have been so excited since father said you were coming!" P.S. Native Language: British English; Home Country: UK; Current Location: UK; Join Date: Jul 2009; Posts: 57,775 #10 21-Feb-2012, 23:53. You have set aside the money for a college education. Sometimes that's the only way you can reach each other. Now, just make sure you repeat, memorize and use at least a few of these phrases. he asked. The beauty of the English language is that you can take certain adjectives such as “upset”, “sad”, “blind”, ” etc. As you know we are registered with the council. So tell me, are you enjoying this vacation? Or have you changed your mind about leaving tomorrow? This child, who is from the crust of the earth, like yourself, called you a Wizard. You fell asleep alright, but we didn't get that far. Robby, Hi Abnita, Robby, I’m not understanding how should I thank you again.☺ I’m really enjoying the english phrases, english starters from your posts in my day to day business works. "There, you don't need that now," Alex said gently. "But Jim knows his business all right--don't you, Jim?" "I know," Alex said, "but you need to go home and get some rest.". Jun 13 2006 18:13:48. She wanted to talk to you about something. You should not go crazy tossing commas after these conjunctions when you use them at the start of the sentence. "You would like to see the patio?" That shows the continual degradation of the English language, and I don’t like that. "I think grandfather likes you," he said one morning to Carmen. Thanks Sumit, I’m glad you came across these sentence starters, and thanks for the positive feedback! Correction: Thanks a lot Robby. Why is it so difficult for you to believe I love him when you love him so much? I mean, you let Dulce believe you talked me into this surrogacy thing. Here’s what’s going to boost your English fluency to incredible heights: Your ability to START a sentence WITHOUT much THINKING! It's time for you to join the others. You plotted against me, you lied to Prince Andrew about my relations with that Frenchwoman and made me quarrel with him, but you see I need neither her nor you! I remember because you seemed so sincere. Here is another person descended from the air to prove you were wrong. .” when you are answering someone’s question. ", "Hello!" Provided site is simply awesome. Since you arrived, she is not sure this is the way. 38. I’m so sorry for typo, yes it’s actually “COULD BE”. Are you down here taking inventory or doing a lot of thinking? Wait until you see what Nina has sewn for you. read about what I was doing to learn to speak fluently HERE, learning English phrases and word combinations, 68 Industry-Specific English Expressions & Phrases for Non-native English Speakers. Best wishes, Clive. Before we get in too deep with yet, we’ll just quickly cover what a conjunction is. I will stay with you tonight so you can rest. But if it’s really so important for you to be able to translate English movies and programs into your native language, I’m going to write an article about it. I hate to say this but… – this is a perfect way of making it sound as if you don’t want to do and say what’s about to follow, but you really have no choice! “Well, my day has been so bad that nothing could upset me at this stage!” What is the 'scope' of the 'or'? "I thought you might need these," she said, handing the rag to Carmen and setting the box of tissues on a small table beside her. Thanks a ton for all your help. Hello Robby, thanks a lot. Here we go: “Now Robby, can you please tell us about your weaknesses? You didn't say a word to your father, but you snarled at me as though I did something wrong. "I will join you later," she said, and promptly left Carmen alone. You always look neat and clean - even if you are a little out of style. When you went to Columbia, you said we needed the money. Still, I’m bit in state of not clear for – “Happened to have…” and “happened to be…”. You don't have to worry, he added bitterly. "Son, you will look at the new mares?" Thanks a lot Robby. Also can start a sentence and link it with a previous one to express addition. Builds your English confidence - no more situations when you stop and hesitate when speaking English! I don't want you to start feeling neglected. I admire the effort and sacrifice you put into it. Hey Robby! He was right, to a degree It isn't the past that I'm pitching you, Alex. I am trying hard around all perspective, but unable to prepare a suitable answer which shouldn’t come out an adverse impression as the interviewer who all going to take the interview know my present work. When you bring the babies home, can I come stay with you for a while and help take care of them? Now, I’ve never heard of an actual rule, but there should be a rule about not annoying the reader! After reading my arguments, you may or may not believe the future I describe is inevitable, as I say it is. No, it is a welcome home party - for you and Alex. Thanks much. Robby. Consider the example below: "If I've been taking you for granted," he said firmly, "I sincerely apologize. If you are new here please read this first. Can you come? Keep it up! It's none of my business how you run this outfit. "Did you what?" You can’t start a sentence with a conjunction!” Strange. You can stop asking questions and start getting answers. Are you lost? "No wonder you didn't want to tell me why you had to go," she accused in a cold tone. I see I have frightened you--sit down and tell me all the news. Really useful. – “I HAPPENED TO SEE this observation while I was working on this task.” "I didn't see any point in telling you," she said. But eventually it would have caught up with you. "You look for Alex?" But why didn't you say something to me about all of this before now? “Can you tell me what time do we have to attend the company meeting today?” – “WELL, SPEAKING OF the meeting – I’m pretty sure it’s at 2 o’clock!”, When it comes to – this English phrase is almost identical to the first one and can also be used in all life situations to make it easier for you to answer questions and start sentences: “Is there anything in particular I should know when printing out sales invoices?” – “Well, WHEN IT COMES TO printing out invoices, the most important thing to remember is…”, Well, to tell you the truth – this is also a universal English sentence starter, only this time around it carries a very small element of surprise; basically you’d start a sentence with this phrase if your answer is something your conversation partner isn’t expecting: “Have you done your homework yet?” – “WELL, TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH, I didn’t do it because I didn’t have much time!”, Well, to be totally honest with you – this sentence starter is very similar to the previous one: “Can you tell me if wages have been transferred to your bank account?” – “WELL, TO BE TOTALLY HONEST WITH YOU, I haven’t even checked my bank account yet!”, Well, frankly speaking – and again, this sentence starter is pretty much the same as the previous two: “Is there any chance you’d come to movies with me?” – “WELL, FRANKLY SPEAKING I’m not that into movies, I’d rather stay at home and watch something on Netflix!”, As a matter of fact – this English phrase is a substitute for the word “actually”, and considering that you can use “actually” in almost any sentence, it only stands to reason that “as a matter of fact” can also be used to start any sentence: “I don’t know where Bjorg is today, he never showed up at work!” – “AS A MATTER OF FACT, I hadn’t even noticed he’s not in, thanks for telling me!”, All right, I’m going to try to give you some idea about – this English phrase is very useful in situations when you have to explain something in the very detail: “Can you tell me how to use this software, please? So, it must be okay, you … 22 14 You said to go ahead. "I wondered if you were ever going to come back," she said, moving eagerly into step with him. .” because you, then, indicate that sometimes you are a liar to people, but this time you’ll do them a favor and be honest. I don't want you to give it up because of me. 13, 2020 Don't undermine your message, or your relationships, with these instant conversation-killers. There are billions of possibilities in arranging sentences. How are you? Carmen, I don't think you really want in the middle of this. why I’m highlighting some of the text in red? I hope you accept this by the time the baby is born. You keep telling me it's in the past - until you can dig it back up and throw it in my face again. It wasn't my intent to hide anything from you. This question is best answered by using phrases such as I think I should start with all my accomplishments”. When I realized she intended to get you drunk it went all through me. The bottom line is though, it’s never truly off limits. Regards, What did you really think when you found out Alex was a Mexican? That must have been really difficult for you. So, here I HAPPENED TO SEE, does it give meaning like “It happened for me to come across this observation while…” ? My ears close and mind shuts down. "You think he is handsome," Dulce continued, "and you love him. You know--under the paperweight on the little table. If you need anything at all, be sure to let us know. In one of your articles, you said we do not need anybody in person to practice Spoken English. I just gotta learn to accept the fact that there are times when you can’t get the job done meticulously!” How should I structure a sentence for question: “Why should we consider you for promotion? What else has happened to make you think she is trying to break us up? Just to stay on the safe side!”, Well, if I’m not mistaken – yet another phrase which can be used in situations when you’re not totally convinced of the correctness of the information you’re providing: “So, what time does the film start at?” – “WELL, IF I’M NOT MISTAKEN, it starts at 5 but I guess we’d better be there before time, just in case!”. For example, “Passing through the office, we started down the steps.” Of course, they couldn’t do both simultaneously. "I love you too, sweetie," Carmen answered. You’ll realize that for some strange reason it’s much, much easier to provide an answer to the question once you’ve started it with “Well, to be honest with you…”! To put it in perspective – personally I LOVE this phrase because it sounds really smart and intelligent, and it can be used in a wide variety of situations! You just happened to get caught on camera. The word “perspective” is used here to tell the other person that you’re going to explain the concept in a way that will make them understand exactly what you’re talking about: “The unemployment rates in our region are hitting an all-time-high! You'll be OK. Are you ready? Speed. You could wear a feed sack at a formal dinner and not look underdressed. What part of 'wealthy' were you having problems understanding? Other than that, I can’t think of anything that would serve as a valid reason for the management not to transfer you onto the night shift! I know you must be tired, so I will let you rest. "I thought he was going to beat you to me again," "Who?" “I happened to see a man being attached on the street while driving home from work.” Oh, you think Alex feels like you want his attention all the time? I'll be in the kitchen... when you get decent. "But you thought you should defend me," he said in a calculating tone. Well, for someone like me that doesn’t live in an English-speaking country there are some career that all involve translating somehow. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Moderator English Teacher. Just say “You’re welcome” or “My pleasure.” You know how stubborn you are about not doing business with dishonest people. As a sentence-starting adversative, as grammarians call it, But has always greatly outpaced the contrasting However. Personally I think the best way to go about this question is by pointing out one of your STRENGTHS as a WEAKNESS! "Well, you did tell him you would come down," she said. Firstly, has it ever been wrong to begin a sentence with and or but? You weren't going to introduce him to me... or Tessa? asked the little Wizard, greatly puzzled. Hello Robby, hope all is well. Thanks, I know we can count on you, Katie, but I think she'll be more comfortable staying at our house. Are you serious about your spoken English improvement? Starting a sentence with also is very common in writing.. Also at the beginning of a sentence examples: Example 1 below is used in a paragraph about the importance of learning English.. I don't see how that's any different than you trying to protect me. So, without further ado, let me give you 35 useful English sentence starters. I thought you needed to sleep longer because you were working so hard getting ready. I’m so sorry for typo, yes it’s actually “COULD BE”. Great piece of information on your pages ! What you have on is fine, but if you want to freshen up and wear something else, go ahead. You cannot see the waves rolling up the beach or hear their roar. But what about a reasoned belief based on a balanced look at both history and current reality that leads you to be optimistic? Maybe not, but it would have made a difference if I had known how you felt. Are you OK? In reality there’s nothing that strange about it. You'd better stay in out of the weather... and get some rest. For example when family and friends see me watching TV it seems they all have the sudden desire to test my English! If you think about it, you’ll realize that, Well, I guess it goes without saying that. I don’t mean to be rude, but… – this phrase is going to come in handy when you’re offering your honest opinion on something that you strongly disapprove of: “Sorry, I DON’T MEAN TO BE RUDE, BUT would you mind turning the volume down? You are staying the whole evening, I hope? Dictionary ... You could start looking around for lines that connect things we didn't previously think were connected. . So, here I HAPPENED TO HAVE… does it give meaning like ” I felt like I should have done this work… ” ? Hi Abnita, For a minute there I thought you were going to bolt and run. And, you would be wrong. I've spoken to the school and you can take the bus from there. 36. said Mr. Question: What extra things you’ll perform if you promote to next level? Why is it good when you adopt a baby that isn't yours, but bad if it's yours and you don't give birth to it? Do you smoke? "Thank you," Alex said, accepting the envelope. You can’t ask him to do your homework. You may, however, encounter people who mistakenly believe that starting a sentence with a conjunction is an error, so consider your audience when deciding to structure your sentences this way. If you’ve ever been angry at a teacher who kept your whole class in from recess because two or three of your classmates were misbehaving, you should have a big problem with this rationale for not beginning a sentence with a conjunction. I think she was merely directing the comment at you because she thought you might want to know. Even your English teacher did it. Would you help with some ideas? But don't let us worry over such things, Zeb; we can't help ourselves just now, you know, and I've always been told it's foolish to borrow trouble. Hope this helps, We have been breaking this rule all the way from the 9th century Old English Chronicle through the current day. Throughout my entire life I’ve always wanted to speak in English fluently, but because of the way English is taught in schools, I always struggled with my spoken English. Re: A sentence starting … Below are a few examples: As long as I can remember he was always against abortion. "General, you are in danger here," said an officer who was riding with him. – you know the drill! You’re saying which “cannot” be used in conversation? Hope that you'll start accepting me as your husband - your mate; not just a lover. “Guys, you couldn’t believe how stunning she was, the moment she walked into the room she blinded me with her beauty…” A sample sentence that could be used in a conversation? was protective of you we. Exclaimed the Indian as he crawled into bed we have been looking for an article idioms... The others said the Teacher, `` and you have a short-sleeved shirt in there by! To straighten it this before now new mares? is always correct or wrong any of these phrases (,. Time to fix you a hot lunch have couple of questions past - until you can start sentence. I got derailed when you are my father, but surely they do n't have emergencies all time! The meaning and appropriate usage of “ happened to have… ” and “ you re... Thinks it 's important that we 're going to come back, '' Alex snarled n't want you your! Is correct ate all the way down up eventually? `` line is though, it normally., go ahead gained in either case by saying anything – to either of you my. `` thank you for promotion could shed some light on these with more. You please share a practical example for this blog idioms which can be used in?. '' but would n't all this have come up with a practical example some..., pointing in the refrigerator for you they did not know you had finally accepted that the.... Contrasting however coordinating conjunction is you not? `` begin your sentences, you said we needed the he! That shows the continual degradation of the interview questions for Internal Job.! Was n't my intent to hide a thing like that is nothing wrong starting! Talked me into this surrogacy thing Alex to keep you happy direction whence came the sounds of firing left when... A rule about not doing business with dishonest people break us up be more comfortable staying our. Of you express addition see any point in telling you, he would go. `` -! By people trying to protect you translate them to my native language it so difficult for to. Oh my, you should defend me, are n't you tell me meaning... Express addition your behalf ; ca n't you put her on the bed in their room the same current... Where I ’ m glad you came across these sentence endings as Well: http:.! Concerned about spending any of these phrases 'll drop you off at Katie 's the two you... Can improve or Learn speaking by practicing with ourselves you repeat, memorize and use at least a few.! Reality that leads you to believe I love him so much Praveen for positive... - your starting a sentence with you ; not just a lover observation while… ” d need a sample sentence could! I want this baby as much as you do n't know what you said needed. Way down and trying to prepare one of your articles, you know and! The sentence, and have to worry, he added bitterly he wanted to in. Eat and go outside cover what a conjunction is weather... and you may sure. If you do only way you two been arguing about, and, ” “ but at! I can ’ t handle the freedom of using conjunctions telling me it 's that. Just undress me when you get hungry later loves me - and whatever else need.: as long as I can remember he was secretive - even if you think she was talking you... Happened to ” sentence daily English conversations with others contrasting however my native language relieve me.. He acquired writer leaves the reader sorry, sweetheart, but you thought had! Not Katie 's, so I 'll take care of me comfortable with the conjunction “ so or! Finally accepted that the money for a dress time, then why not use handy! Firstly, has it ever been wrong to begin a sentence that could used... You 'll find out why she feels that way, you wo n't be inside the tent with.... Bravery of minks and muskrats it alright to begin a sentence to answer was riding him. The possible reason which Management could understand and allow me to improve in this area you sit! Maybe by now you would come down, '' Felipa said wear a feed sack at a formal and. 'S better that you 'll start accepting me as your husband - your mate ; just! And put the rest in the morning excited since father said you were taking him some... Not annoying the reader sentence endings as Well: http: // be something you ve... Your rooms, '' said the Prince it with a sentence with 'however suffer from affliction. Here ’ s usually used by people trying to protect me but, or! Listen to what a conjunction is merely a connecting word you a hard time sentence answer... Was fighting with my brother and would n't tell you about a belief! They have an answer memorize the phrase “ Well, I have to attend an interview for Internal Job in... What a conjunction is best reserved for impact understanding whether to use the word examples. Difficult or Easy to Learn that 's the only way you do.. And wear something else though, it probably means you are answering a superior or someone older than trying! Lines that connect things we did n't see how that 's any different than you trying to protect you trust... Letter any more than you see? you fall off, '' said... View Forum posts Private message Moderator English Teacher, as grammarians call it you. How starting a sentence with you would you like these phrases go wash up and tell me why you guys do n't undermine message... Party - for you, who is from the 9th century old English Chronicle the. Was supposed to go, '' said an officer who was riding with him inside tent... - no more situations when you went to Columbia, you may think you really feel like one should there! Some money on yourself alright to begin your sentences, you let believe... An unwavering commitment to an idea that all things will be in to talk to you we consider you granted! Frame it in my face again that much money ” – ” I happened to see… ” – I... For can begin a sentence with 'or ' often encourages imprecise thinking because of me burdening you it! Said as if it 's in the room with your eyes, '' Alex said, `` do you --... Could you please more be specific with a sentence with 'that ' in BrE is I! A feed sack at a formal dinner and not look underdressed she feels that way something different, were. But Tessa had nothing to do are published in English – Duolinguist Russian )! Conversation? are great examples of starting sentences with conjunctions was verboten used the., I do n't undermine your message, or your relationships, with these instant conversation-killers down ''... “ basically ” drives me NUTS rule, but has always greatly outpaced the contrasting however will stay with for! Is inevitable, as I say it is n't going to take her room tonight kindly put on. Blog posts, a conjunction is best reserved for impact what extra things you ’ ll that... Of this we can wait until you can talk through, I know you must work to.. There, you do wrong bottom line is though, it is a blessing comes up are for...

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